How it started

18.04.07 wij

The organization of Children Home Bukit Lawang was founded by an Indonesian-Dutch couple Sugianto and Saskia Landman.
Sugianto is a former tourist guide from Bukit Lawang and is one of the survivors of the flood; Saskia is a former elementary schoolteacher from Alkmaar.

The flood, mentioned before, destroyed the whole village of Bukit Lawang with the consequence that many children lost their families and became homeless.
For Sugianto and Saskia was this the basic reason to set up this Children Home.

Their goal is to offer the children a warm and safe place to stay, and with this a more hopeful different future.
The two starting points, to accomplish this, are:

  1. a child should be a child.
  2. knowledge gives you freedom.

Sugianto and Saskia will help the children grow towards adulthood, with love, compassion and trust.
Every child, regardless of age, gender, and religion, gets their support.

Do you want to read more about the Organization or the Current situation, you just klik the link.
At Children and On our own you will find how we offer the children a home with another future perspective.

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