The current situation

The initiative for this orphanage started in 2007. Since that time we have received a total of 66 children and provided assistance. We offer help with school attendance, shelter, extra schooling through Schoolplus and additional development opportunities through life-skills, and everything else that is needed to grow into independent adults. Of the 66 children, 6 are still under our care since March 2019. In addition we helping 11 children with the School-plus program too.

Beside the children we are helping from the beginning, we extended offering assistance to support and provide assistance tailor-made for families with BOTH social and financial problems. The most children have still one parent, so the accent is shifted to a more foster-home/ a second home for them.

The children's home has been set up - with all the associated facilities (such as a library, sports field, music studio, technical competence work units) to offer the children a home with a future perspective.

Opposite the house is a small wooden restaurant, which generates income and at the same time functions as a learning project for the children. Also, the sale of handmade souvenirs and the rental of bungalows, provides an additional source of income. In order to increase the independence of the orphanage, our own fruit & vegetables are grown, chickens and fish are kept. All the benefits becomes completely to the children and their home. These are not for business. It gives the children the opportunity to learning skills for their future and independency.