How we help the children

Our goal is to increase the independency of the children, as well as giving them a positive future perspective and a positive self-image. Therefore, we encourage the children to follow their hearts. Where possible, we also try to maintain or repair the relationship between the children and their remaining family members.

We take care of the children in four different ways:

  • The first group of children stays with us every Monday, Wednesday end Friday, following the School-plus lessons. The remaning daysthey live as much as possible with a parent or caregiver (for example an aunt or grandmother). They receive 100% financial aid for their education, so that they are able to cover the costs for uniforms, books, transport, tuition fees etc.
  • The second group of children does not receives financial aid. The Family House enables them to follow the School-plus free of charge. They are thereby helped in the form of knowledge.
  • The third group consists of young adults who had previously received our help. For them we are a safety net on the road to independency.

All children can follow the free Schoolplus lessons (extra classes after school) three times a week.