In Indonesia the children have to go to school 6 days a week. They need to wear three different uniforms per week.
Their shoes have to be black, closed-off and with laces, Velcro is not allowed.

The schooling system in Indonesia works as follows:

  • First six years of primary school (SD), followed by;
  • Three years of ‘lower’ high school (SMP);
  • And another three years of ‘upper’ high school (SMA or SMK). SMA is a general education, and SMK is education focused on a specific skill or job.

For the SD and SMP there are no tuition fees, but schools are creative in finding ways to charge extra costs. The SMA does require a tuition fee. The children studying at SMP or SMA need to go to villages outside of Bukit Lawang which accounts for extra transportation costs. Thus, the costs for the children’s education consists of books,  transportation, uniforms and tuition fees.

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